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Do you want to be more competitive? Do you want to be more efficient and effective? Do you want to solve the problems that are holding you back?


The successful exploitation of beneficial ideas is essential for business growth, transformation & generating competitive advantage. New ideas to improve performance, solve problems and win new customers are just as important for business success as product development - and all are linked.


Accretis Ltd was formed in order to uniquely and synergistically bring together all the key elements necessary to generate competitive advantage through innovation. Through targeted facilitation and coaching, we enable businesses to stimulate, capture, nurture and exploit new ideas and methods, whilst overcoming their internal and cultural barriers. When required, we can also deploy our expertise in talent acquisition and development to enable you to attract and grow the people who will drive your business forward.

The collective experience and expertise of our team combines to address the most difficult challenges that prevent businesses developing and then exploiting their competitive edge. These challenges can be summarised by the following statements:

“Organisations That Don’t Innovate, Stagnate”

“Organisations that continue to do the same things in the same way will continue to get the same results”

“Organisations Need Talented People to Innovate”

“Truly Talented People Are a Rare Commodity”


This is how our unique combined expertise can help you address these challenges and become more innovative, competitive and successful.

Helping You Become More Innovative & Competitive                  

Often when we first engage with new clients we find that there is quite a high degree of scepticism about the benefits of a novel innovative approach or resistance to trying something new. This is commonly due to previous attempts failing or fears about additional costs and/or workloads.  The most common reasons for the failure of organisations to innovate successfully are that:

  • the processes are seen as too complicated,
  • the vision is not communicated effectively,
  • the goals are poorly defined,
  • there is a lack of coherent innovation strategies
  • and key people are not engaged.

The first stage to improve innovation processes is to “cut through the fog” so that the vision and goals can be clearly seen and believed in. Accretis uses powerful and energising facilitation processes to achieve this. After simplifying complexity and getting the ‘buy-in’ of the key personnel, a critical path – the “Innovation Journey” can be defined along which other key processes and toolsets can be employed in an ‘agile’ manner to great effect.

Helping You Adopt, Adapt & Embed New Ideas                                

Innovations come from looking at and thinking about things in different ways. There can be many barriers to change. These may be cultural, hierarchical or personal in nature and can involve aspects of previous “improvement” programmes or practices which can lock an organisation and its people into a state of inertia. A simple expedient nudge may be all it takes to bring about a change in direction but in other cases structural realignments may be necessary. The biggest obstacle though is intransigence.

Understanding why this happens and identifying who needs to do what differently are essential to breaking down the barriers and making headway. Learning & Development enabling processes may also be needed here to give people the confidence and personal authority (and permission) to do things better. Our team includes specialists in learning design whose targeted interventions can provide dramatic breakthroughs in team and organisational capability improvements which remove the barriers to change, enabling new ideas and working practices to be adopted, adapted and embedded.

Helping You Develop & Optimise Your Innovation Teams   

Innovative talent can be scattered throughout an organisation and often goes unrecognised or unnoticed. Even if recognised, to get the best out of these people needs them to be empowered and supported. Accretis Ltd helps organisations adopt the best ways for encouraging ideas generation, and spotting where the ‘bright sparks’ (but also where the ‘spoilers’) may be hiding.

To evaluate and drive through improvements needs combinations of complementary strengths. Effective Innovation Teams can be constructed if the various individual’s work style attributes can be identified. We use the unique profiling tool, WSABI® to generate the most appropriate assessment of what each person can contribute. Additionally this system shows how the expression of the various attributes affect performance, the ability to adapt, interactions with others, leadership capabilities and the best role each person can play in the innovation cycle.

Helping You Identify & Find The Best Talent                                         

Where new blood is required to drive the innovation process, or to fill critical gaps within an organisation, traditional recruitment practices often fail to attract and engage effectively with the talented people that are required. In 2014 we published a ground-breaking research report which highlighted entrenched bad practices, identified emerging best practice and proposed new solutions. We now use these findings to create bespoke strategies to address the gaps in current role responsibilities and provide guidance in the most effective ways to identify, attract and acquire the talent required.

Below you will find profiles of our senior team. To augment our delivery capabilities we are constantly growing our network of other innovation related associates and specialist coaches. To this end Accretis is also a founding member of the Act 2 Transform consortium of consultancy firms which act collaboratively to simultaneously build business Growth, Transformation and Innovation processes, generating greater competitive advantage and success for client companies.

Managing Director:

Dr. John Jebb


John has spent most of his career leading innovation, developing new ideas and getting teams to work together more effectively and efficiently. After completing his Doctorate, John became the first operational employee at Agricultural Genetics Ltd and was tasked with developing and commercialising new products from the research portfolio of the UK's research institutes. His early success in creating a demonstrable proof of concept lead to the successful £17.5 million capitalisation of the company and the launch of the first generation products. Further developments resulted in these products becoming and continuing to be the global market leaders in their fields. New innovative additions to the portfolio resulted in his team being awarded the inaugural Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement in 1993.


In 1996 John joined CNA International as head of the Life Sciences practice and quickly developed a reputation for delivering new, premium quality, solutions for the age old problem of discovering and embedding rare talent in his client companies. Key to this was the development and refining of an in-house knowledge base for anticipating behavioural attributes of key personnel as applied to the various demands of their prospective employers. After 15 years of researching how work style preferences combine to affect individual, team and leadership performance in real situations, the new WSABI® profiling tool was launched as one of the unique and core Accretis processes.


Since founding Accretis in 2011 John has led extensive, ground-breaking research programmes to solve issues (including innovation failures) caused by endemic bad practice in talent acquisition, to increase the accuracy of leadership capability profiling and to develop powerful ‘front end’ of innovation tools including the new “Discarding The BoxTM” framework. John is also an executive director of Act 2 Transform Ltd and is heavily involved in developing their Business GTI (Growth + Transformation + Innovation) Capability Diagnostic.

Principle Associates:

Clive Reynolds


Clive assists companies to understand, evaluate and enhance the impact of people-related factors on their competitive advantage and innovation performance.  He works with senior managers to build a sustainable organisational capability which will match a company’s “human capital” with its constantly evolving business drivers. 


Clive helps businesses to introduce learning programmes which will exceed expectations, meet business needs and deliver tangible, measured business benefit.   He also works with learning providers to help them to achieve demand-led processes which demonstrably meet their customers’ needs, and to build enduring partnerships with their industrial clients. His work is based both on a wealth of practical experience with WS Atkins and Leyland Vehicles, and as Director of Industrial Programmes for WMG at the University of Warwick.


At Warwick, Clive pioneered a succession of ground-breaking learning & development programmes across many sectors, including automotive, aerospace, chemicals and electronics, and has worked in mainland Europe, Asia and the US as well as the UK.  Latterly he headed up a major R&D project at the University into capability development for innovation and technology transfer.  This resulted in a unique toolset for addressing barriers to innovation and technology transfer, through which employers have already enjoyed more than £30m of added value.


Access to this toolset through Accretis has recently been made available following the creation of a spin-out which Clive has set up with the university.  Each company’s needs are treated individually, the appropriate elements from the toolset being brought to bear as befits the situation, using facilitation methodologies.

Dr. Lynne Caley


Lynne is an experienced senior consultant and manager and she is particularly interested in how individuals learn both in a formal sense (on courses and in workshops) and in a non-formal sense (through their own experience and by listening and learning from others). This stems from her firm belief that innovation starts with people, but requires a supportive environment within which to flourish.


Lynne has over 20 years’ experience of working with organisations including those in the private sector (auto industry; pharmaceuticals; petrochemicals) and the public sector (healthcare; universities; local government)  to develop and implement strategies delivering high level business outcomes.


By taking a research based, evidence lead approach to innovation, Lynne has devised methodologies to stimulate improvement and she has a portfolio of publications to support this, on topics such as work-related learning, systems improvement and human factors for safety.  She enjoys working with teams of people to discuss, plan, implement and evaluate change in their working environment; an important consideration of which is the measurement of the impact of the changes made.


Over the years Lynne has successfully implemented and embedded innovative learning interventions in workplaces for teams of 5 to 500 people, designed to lead to organisational change. She has a strong ability to provide strategy and leadership for programme implementation.

Chris Farrance MBA


Chris is fascinated by the nature of business problems & challenges and searching for the ‘new’ brings out the best in him. He is highly motivated by breaking down barriers and likes to work with others to deliver original solutions.


For the last twenty years, Chris has worked as an independent marketing specialist in new market, product and service development in the UK and abroad.


His experience covers:
Sectors: Financial Services, Logistics, Defence and Printing.
Countries: UK, US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.
Business Formation: start-ups, entrepreneurial and family owned firms, FTSE 100 companies, franchises and Not for Profit organisations.


He brings strong analytical, customer and people focused skills to such areas as:
• Understanding organisational capabilities.
• Market entry strategies and proposition analysis.
• Product design and development.
• The customer experience.
• People development.


His qualifications include:
• Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants.
• Senior Practitioner in Coaching & Mentoring.
• MBA Financial Services.
• Diploma of Financial Services.
• Former Chartered Marketeer (Chartered Institute of Marketing).

John Green


John is a highly experienced Process Facilitator having run his own company, specialising in this field, for over fifteen years. With an emphasis on pragmatic, activity-driven and experience-based approaches, he specialises in initiating strategies and projects that have not been done before. The sense making includes the generation of highly visual outputs that people own with their hearts and minds. His numerous unsolicited testimonials (available on request) attest to his natural talent and great ability to get people to think and act in different ways, to gain rapid consensus, and instil a strong sense of purpose and a high level of motivation in those attending his sessions.


Over the years he has worked across the private sector, the public sector, the not-for-profit third sector, and partnerships, working with clients including SMEs, FTSE100, and Fortune top 10 companies. He is passionate about building trust across multidisciplinary, multilingual and multicultural groups and to date has delivered workshops and interventions in over twenty countries.


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