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We are currently in the process of creating a library of 'How To' videos and 'Sway' presentations, together with pdf file downloads, to enable business leaders to initiate and propel more effective innovation initiatives within their organisations.


Once we have compiled enough high quality content to launch this service, the primary links will be emailed to those who have signed up to receive these tips and insights.


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Ensuring Success and a Substantial Return on Your Investment

Anyone can come up with exciting ideas. Turning them into reality and successfully exploiting them is an entirely different matter. The difference between success and failure is the strategy. To work, an effective innovation strategy must be understood and believed in by all involved.

To succeed, an effective innovation strategy absolutely must include:

  • a clear definition of the opportunity and its business impact
  • achievable objectives, goals and milestones
  • ways of identifying and overcoming obstacles
  • inbuilt flexibility with reviews of rules -
    • to preserve the vital few that must be observed
    • to identify which others can be 'constructively broken' to aid creativity
  • processes for optimising team structures and functions
  • methods for ensuring capabilities match the objectives
  • resource availability planning and control
  • regular process, progress and opportunity review systems

So before entering the main innovation programme, the necessary investment in resources, time and finances must be secured. Known issues must be identified and addressed. Ideally a multi-disciplinary team comprised of people, who are available and capable of driving the downstream processes, will also be constructed. The constituent attributes of this ‘Driving Innovation Team’ need to be diverse yet carefully balanced.


By blending various workshop designs and coaching approaches we make innovation happen in such a way as to ensure your success whilst generating a substantial return on your investment.


As we have created a modular array of tools, that can applied in a variety of orders, this enables us to provide you with a bespoke programme of guidance and support. An example of how this often fits together to produce an innovation cycle, where more and more opportunities are identified and developed, is shown below.

The Discarding The BoxTM System

Key to the success of any innovation programme is the ability to generate and develop remarkable ideas. This happens during the ‘Front End’ period. The most powerful process for working through the front end involves the deployment of our unique “Discarding The BoxTM” framework for facilitating workshops. By using this framework, substantially more, far-reaching, ideas and concepts are generated, interlinked, evaluated, prioritised and further developed within just a few days. Built into this system is a method for identifying the capabilities required and checking what needs to be improved or acquired to ensure successful outcomes. To learn more about the details of this process, play the video below.

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